Indications that You Haven’t Installed Your Windshield Properly 

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Once you had your windshield changed, you want to guarantee that your new auto glass is securely installed. Sure, you believe in the skills of your installer that they will utilize the correct method and adhere to the guidelines from the manufacturer, however, what if they make a mistake as they do it?  


Sadly, if auto glasses are not correctly installed, it will only risk your safety. Windshields are intended to keep up the frame’s integrity of your vehicle and avert your roof from collapsing if ever accidents suddenly take place. Once you can see any of the following signs that indicate that your auto glass is not correctly installed, guarantee to attend to this issue as soon as possible.  

The old adhesive is still there 

At every windshield replacement, installers make sure that the previous molding must be scraped away and install a new adhesive. When your installer just put a new one on top of your old molding and simply placed a new auto glass in, expect that you won’t have a waterproof windshield. 

You can observe rattling sounds 

Does your windshield shake or rattle every time you pass over a bump? Once you can start hearing weird noises, perhaps it is due to your auto glass’ loos frame.  

It is not flush with the frame of the car 

Once the windshield noticeably pokes out and does not smoothly sit within the frame, that is one indication of an issue. Perhaps the class does not match pretty well or your former installer chose the inappropriate auto glass. 

The glass appears wavy 

The simplest way to determine a poorly installed windshield is to directly look at it in direct sunlight. Try to see whether the view is clear or the glass appears smooth. Once you can notice any waves, imperfections, and bumps that usually impede your visibility, then it is an indication of a subpar windshield.  

You notice a whooshing noise at high speed 

Have you noticed that subtle yet agitating noise of send whooshing air once you’re driving at a high speed? Perhaps you often link it with windows with crack. Although, keep in mind that when it comes from your windshield, then that is a major issue that needs to be resolved. The noise can be dramatic or quiet. Regardless, it’s still an indicator of a poorly installed windshield. 

Water leaks at the surrounding edges 

Once you bring your car through a car wash shop or if it rains, you may observe water that absorbs in and surrounding your windshield’s edges. Regardless if it is only a couple of drops, that is still considered as a leak, and it is a precise indicator that you have an improperly installed windshield.  

Contact us 

If you think you are experiencing any of these indications of the subpar windshield, make sure to book for an appointment with a technician and ask them for a quality mobile windshield replacement today. If interested, contact us right away. 

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